Origin of the home exist in yourself.

The phrase of the tekst of the 行書(Gyosho-style) for adults in July is 家之本在身  “I e no moto wa mi ni aru ” ( Origin of the home exist in yourself).

This is an excerpt from Mencius’s “Minpon Setsu”. ( … perhaps ).

This book is based on the claim that “those who control the nation must respect the people and gain the will of the people.” This “people” doesn’t seem to be the general public, I though (laughs)

Many of the text for the adults of the Nihon Shu-ji Gakkai are excerpts from Chinese poetry, and each time we repeat the old and new wisdom, we are made to think about the powerful words of the pioneer from long long time ago.


This is the last part of the section “The origin of the world is in the country, the origin of the country is in the home, and the origin of the home is in the body “. It may be different from the intention of this book, which seems to be written for a monarch or a politician, but my impression from this word is “my way of being” in the current world situation.

The world is swayed by “viruses that can’t see the truth,” and there is sometimes controversy over the truth of each.

“If you want to talk about the nation, at first you must look back at yoursef.”

These words are important because of we are in such a chaotic time …I think.

Thanks again for Nihon Shuji Gakkai,

We are working hard on lessons where we can sit together again in the classroom ♪

exhibition of KAKIZOME 2021

Nihon Shuji Gakkai organized an exhibition of new year

Every February, there is the KAKIZOME exhibition organized by the NIHON-SHUJI-GAKKAI. We have been exhibiting every year since 5 years ago. Finally, everyone’s works from 2021 is back from Japan, so I would like to introduce it ♪

What is KAKIZOME ?

In Japan, it is customary to put the “HATSU” (First) on the first actions and things in the new year. The first time I went to say hello to God, it is called ” Hatsu Moude”, the first dream I had is ” Hatsu Yume”, and the first time I laughed is ” Hatsu Warai “. The word “Hatsu” can also be read as “Some/zome”, and “Kaki zome” means “I wrote it with a brush for the first time in the new year.”

This time, considering delivery to Japan, the Kakizome works of Mizukukikai will be finished in December and shipped in early January. It is ” Tenji-zome ” (Beginning of exhibition) rather than ” Kaki -zome ” (beginning of writing) (^o^). At the end of the year when everyone was busy, everyone worked hard to finish it.

photo from 2019

The venue of the Kakizome exhibition is the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno, Tokyo.

It seems that more than 2000 people exhibit every year.

It is divided into each calligraphy school, and the works of Mizukukikai are well displayed. Always I ask the carry in and carry out of our works in Japan to the headquarters. I am grateful.

Seven people exhibited this year ♪

Some people tried the five-letters works. The difficulty level is gradually increasing.

笑門来福 warau kado niwa fuku kitaru [Fortune comes to the laughing gate : if you laughing , happiness will come to you ]. (楷書=kai-sho)、雪月風花 Setus getsu Fu Ka [ snow, moon, wind, flower : It mean beautiful landscape in four seasons, also mean the elegant life that you make a poem from that.](行書=gyo-sho)

笑門来福(楷書=Kai-sho)、新年好春色 Shin Nen Kou Shun Shoku [ It is a nice spring scenery in a good new year](草書=Sou-sho)

澄心静慮 Chou Shin Sei Ryo [Clear your mind and think deeply and quietly ] (草書=Sou-sho)、 花柳春全盛 Ka Ryu Haru Zen Sei [it is a landscape of spring field. A blossom bright, a willow become green, now is the top season of the spring] (楷書=Kai-sho)、雪月風花(行書=Gyo-sho)

Good news ‘ Award ‘

This time, Sachiko-san (Netherlands, left) received the “Specialty”, Else-san (Netherlands, right) received the “Recommendation Award”, and Lichih Lin -san (Taiwan, Central) received the “Tokyo Art and Culture Association Award”♪ wow!!

everyone started leaning from Hiragana

improved step by step every month

in the mean time

everyone became that they can well make a work with Kaisho, Gyousho, and Sousho.

Kanji ( Chinese character ) is familiar for Lichih-san , but

what nice that she got a reward.

Probably my teachers had same feeling when I sat in the school・・・maybe?

I remembered the time that they tried to make a best works

every one by one

during I watched them works.

everybody [ very very good job !! ]

Examiner of HAMAKOYA exhibition

I was honored to have the role of a examiner at the calligraphy exhibition of “HAMAKOYA” in Yokohama , a calligraphy school of calligrapher Mr. Shihou Fukui. He is a senior in both music and calligraphy for my.

Next to the work, there is an exhibition method that conveys the background of the work to the viewer by displaying their thoughts on the work, self-introduction, and photographs of students in the calligraphy school. I feel a his profound affection.

About works of the exhibition

Almost of all works are half size ( Hansetsu ), There are written as “I like cats” or “The enemy is in Honno-ji” and so on, pictures are drawn, faces are written between letters, and torn things are laid out well and displayed. I felt the laughter in the HAMAKOYA classroom, and I was very impressed by the serious efforts to make the works from the free and relaxed calligraphy.

The HAMAKOYA Award was voted by the viewers, and many other awards were selected by Shihou-sensei’s friends and calligraphers, and I also sent the Waran Mizukuki-kai Award.

Waran Mizukuki-kai Award

All the works are so energetic and fun that you can’t really choose what is the best. Among them, I sent the Waran Mizukuki-kai Award to the work of Mr. KIchi, who wrote “Kacho Fugetsu” (花鳥風月). He seems to be “disrespected by a girls because of his KIZA ( affectedly behavior) “. He wrote also at the top of the name ” I am a man who loves nature” … funny !! (laughs). It’s nice that look like the wind is blowing on a all over the his works ♪

I felt that all of the works are learning ” penmanship” in his school. I was given the opportunity to deepen my understanding once again about to learn the ” basics ” that have been studied and inherited over a long history can makes for free to think about SHO with impresses people is . Once again, congratulations to Shihou-sensei for the success of the HAMAKOYA exhibition. Thank you for your wonderful opportunity.

( left ) Yumi, ( mid. ) Kou-shou-hi-sensei, ( right ) Shihou-Fukui- sensei

Someday , I want to do exhibition with my students too…

The lesson in April

Unfortunately, lock down is still going on in April. So lesson style of WARAN MIXUKUKI-KAI will continue that one student is in the classroom for lessons, and the rest take the lessons on Skype. I miss normal style lesson in the room with everyone・・・

Fortunately, almost all my students have more than two years of experience of SHODO, so I hope that they are able to practice at a level close to normal. Kana-style is difficult to check only on the screen, so I ask everyone to send me them works of kana for correction for each lesson.

I am grateful to my students those who want to continue SHODO-Lesson even in such a situation, and I will do my best to set an example that will make you want to continue ♪

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