I was honored to have the role of a examiner at the calligraphy exhibition of “HAMAKOYA” in Yokohama , a calligraphy school of calligrapher Mr. Shihou Fukui. He is a senior in both music and calligraphy for my.

Next to the work, there is an exhibition method that conveys the background of the work to the viewer by displaying their thoughts on the work, self-introduction, and photographs of students in the calligraphy school. I feel a his profound affection.

About works of the exhibition

Almost of all works are half size ( Hansetsu ), There are written as “I like cats” or “The enemy is in Honno-ji” and so on, pictures are drawn, faces are written between letters, and torn things are laid out well and displayed. I felt the laughter in the HAMAKOYA classroom, and I was very impressed by the serious efforts to make the works from the free and relaxed calligraphy.

The HAMAKOYA Award was voted by the viewers, and many other awards were selected by Shihou-sensei’s friends and calligraphers, and I also sent the Waran Mizukuki-kai Award.

Waran Mizukuki-kai Award

All the works are so energetic and fun that you can’t really choose what is the best. Among them, I sent the Waran Mizukuki-kai Award to the work of Mr. KIchi, who wrote “Kacho Fugetsu” (花鳥風月). He seems to be “disrespected by a girls because of his KIZA ( affectedly behavior) “. He wrote also at the top of the name ” I am a man who loves nature” … funny !! (laughs). It’s nice that look like the wind is blowing on a all over the his works ♪

I felt that all of the works are learning ” penmanship” in his school. I was given the opportunity to deepen my understanding once again about to learn the ” basics ” that have been studied and inherited over a long history can makes for free to think about SHO with impresses people is . Once again, congratulations to Shihou-sensei for the success of the HAMAKOYA exhibition. Thank you for your wonderful opportunity.

( left ) Yumi, ( mid. ) Kou-shou-hi-sensei, ( right ) Shihou-Fukui- sensei

Someday , I want to do exhibition with my students too…

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